Having A Boss sucks!

Waking up WAY too early… Commuting over an hour… Being told what to do for 8 hours a day… Missing out on fun & family…While you watch other people make BIG money on the internet… Always wondering how they do it…

Let’s change that right now.

We Set Out To Change Our Lives…

Hey, we’re Chance & Abdul – two best friends who bumped into each other at a marketing event in San Diego… We teamed up & figured out how to make $10K+ per month from our laptops…


Chance & Abdul Each Started Their Oficeless Agencies


Abdul Generates Over $2MM & Chance Generates $1.2MM


The Modern Millionaires Educational Platform Is Open To The Public For The First Time


Over 3200 Students Working From Home All Over The World Generating over $100,000,000 Collectively


We Tried All Kinds Of Businesses To Find The Secret Formula…Until We Found One That Could Make 10k/Month

But Then Something Crazy Happened…

10K/mo turned into 20k/mo…

Then 50k… Then 100k… All without having a job, a boss, or an office!

All of a sudden, we were swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas… And climbing Mt. Antanigua in South America… And buying all of the cool toys we didn’t have when we grew up…

And then we decided to teach our secret to everyone who shared in our same goal…

To live lives of FREEDOM!

Here are the results

Students in the Program

$ Worth of investment

$ Money generated by the students

Modules packed with valuable ideas

Our Students, From Over 20 Countries, Have Been Able To Get High-paying Clients, Working From Anywhere In The World…

We want to give back & help you get the same result as we do

‘Officeless Agency Masterclass’… The simplest way to start a $10k+/mo business with nothing but a laptop and a will to succeed!

You Will Learn From The Best


Chance Welton got his work ethic from his father. Raised on a potato farm in Idaho, he learned from an early age that whatever he was going to have in life was going to come from real hard work.

A self-made entrepreneur he is the owner and CEO of Beachwood Marketing, a 7-figure online marketing platform. He is also the co-founder of the “Modern Millionaires.” He has been written up in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur for his innovative mindset, determination, and ability to build everything out of nothing.


Abdul Samad is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Owns a portfolio of several 7-Figure Digital Businesses. He’s been mentioned on publications like Forbes & Entrepreneur.

His mindset, marketing, sales, and business systems, are known as the secret ingridient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. His unique advisory style comes with first-hand experience of actually having built multiple 7-figure businesses from no money, no contacts. What he did have was a whole lot of heart!

The Officeless Agency Will Teach You:

Earn an income 💸

How to start a simple laptop business and land your first client for 2k, 4k, or even 6k a month.

Grow Your Business Fast 📈

How to automate most of the work and The simplest ways to find clients without meeting them face to face 

Live Free & Make Great Money 😎

How to make more money by working less… Taught by students who are making at least 10k a month, or more.

Where Do You Start?
The Officeless Agency

Make today the day you decide to FINALLY break free from your job… And set your goal on working just a couple of hours per day from anywhere in the world, while working less. If that sounds like you, click the button below and watch the short video we made for you that explains the entire ‘Officeless Agency’ business model:

What’s Included In The Officeless Agency?

PROVEN $9,450.00/Month Client Funnel

We’ll show you the EXACT funnel we use… the ads… the audience… EVERYTHING! “Copy and paste” with your own clients.

INSTANT High-Paying Clients Secrets

Where to find HUNDREDS of businesses who WANT to pay you to help them with their businesses.

“Exploding Niches” Research Report

Over 16 red-hot markets you can enter and DOMINATE right now…

FREE “Jet-Set” Travel Secrets

How we get fancy hotels and first-class flights for FREE (Takes just seconds!)

Student Testimonials

See All Testimonials


Joined 4 months ago and brought in 2 clients making recurring income

✅   Videos are awesome and super interactive

✅   The best thing about MM is the motivation from the group!

✅   More clients in the pipeline following what you guys teach

✅   Everything you guys do I appreciate it

✅   Tyler joined MM 4 months ago and making $7,000/month

If you think you can’t do it on your on, that is not true because there are mentors that can tell you anything you need to know whenever you feel stuck

✅  I have tried a lot of other programs but Chance and Abdul program helped me succeed

✅ 7 years in South Africa, 6 years in London

✅ Have a pain relief business but income was limited and no freedom

✅ The women I was dating split up and the core reason was I wasn’t making enough money and that was a really painful breakup

Nanci & Jed


These guys just flat out care for people and for the well being of their students business

✅   I have learnt so many different strategies and processes that allowed me to grow my business instead of being a slave to it

✅   I wanna thank Abdul and his team, I don’t know where i would be without you guys

✅   My best judgement is working with Abdul

✅   I really appreciate your dedication to serve, to teach and to provide amazing value to others

My day is just a bit boring because things just work, I don’t even need to hire more people! The system is what I learned from these guys. Just take the leap.

✅ From a SEO agency to Lead Generation Agency. “It is all layout in the course.”

✅ Couple years in the game and now I am earning $18k/month

✅ All you need to do is build the campaign and then turn it on. It is just a little bit of action so everyone can do it. 

✅ I still do it because it doesn’t take that long, I’m still prospecting everyday. 



Find the time where you can do deep works and apply what Abdul taught in the program then you will see the changes in your business and personal life.

✅ Almost 2 years in the program, 6 figures agency on the side with $20k/month mark

✅ I only spend 15-20 hours/week to work on this business 

✅ We have been getting a consistent flow of referral thanks to this method from MM

✅ We like the work that we do, we also share this method with one of our friends and he loves it. We will come to the point of financial freedom. 

The demand in this time is just crazy high, And they just come back times and times. This process is so great cause I can adapt it to any of my business

✅ We are at 15k/month right now but it’s getting to the $25K/month

✅ We were able to build our agency from our house

✅ Just follow the training and adapt it to your business. I used to be desperate to keep my client, but now things just change

✅ Once I change my mindset, I can sell that same product and be able to make more than I used to. I understand how the business works and create a system that is so simple that generates predictable outcome.

Open For Early Bird Enrollment

The Modern Millionaire Course

Getting the bundle will save you even more. For the first time since we created the course, we are selling it for half the price of what we normally would charge.

Here’s Some Common Questions We Are Asked 

Who are the Good Looking Dudes in the Video?

It’s Abdul & Chance, we poured gasoline and burned our corporate suits to smitherines! Now as Entrepreneurs, we generate new business for local business owners using Online Ads. And guess what, since there’s so much business out there to be had, we share how we do it too.

❓ Why this Model and Not an MLM or Affiliate Marketing Model?

These are skills that pay the bills. My profit margins working with Local Businesses are much greater than doing MLM or Affiliate and selling other people’s products.

❓ I kinda get it, but in less words, WHAT. IS. THIS?

To get wealthy, you must first generate wealth for others. That is LAW. People that own businesses (plumbers, lawyers, chiros, dentists etc.) need more business. We teach you how to get these businesses more business, so they’re happy to cut you a check month-after-month.

❓ So why is your program different than others?

Both Chance & I have created 7 figure remote agencies AKA our “Freedom Machines”. Last year, we started sharing our exact systems, started changing people’s lives. It felt great. Making money, and helping entrepreneurs such as ourselves. So we kept on doing it. Today we’ve coached hundreds of students. Some of them generate over 20k, when they used to flip burgers. How? By bringing value for local business owners. That’s what we call a Win-Win-Win.

❓  Can I try it and get refunded if I don’t think it will work?

No. Essentially, what you get from us are digital assets. If you go up in arms for a refund, there’s no way for us to take back any of the training.

❓ I don’t know anything about Marketing or Local Businesses.

Perfect, that’s what we are here for. We take newbies and even advanced students and put them through our step by step system so they can build a 5-6 Figure Business. The best part is hearing our Case Studies. Reminds us why we are doing this. Will you be our next rainmaker?

❓ My Pocket isn’t deep, I work full-time, can I still succeed at this?

If you want a side hustle or eventually quit your job, this is great for you. Overhead costs are very low. As far as time requirement, I built my business to 6 figures while traveling 23 cities in the past year. If I can do it with freedome + hard work, you can too.

❓ If I get on a call, is someone going to sell me?

Most Likely- it would be rude if we didn’t. Here’s the thing, you want to know how we do what we do. You want a shortcut to get to where we got without jumping through all the loops and spending all the money to get there. We’ll walk you through the System, answer all your doubts, so you can make a sound decision. We are here for you either way. Keep this in mind, nothing will change unless you change it. So let’s Change it Together!

The Chance & Abdul Show

So… the big question is this… how are entrepreneurs like us… who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital… who are spending money from our own pockets.

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